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"The spontaneous speech production skill that this course helps you gain is precisely the skill you need if you wish to excel in positions of authority, power and influence beyond a certain level." – General Knowledge Today.
  What is it that is unique about these self-study books?
And how does this unique feature benefit you?

These books help you achieve a high degree of fluency — through self-study. Yes, by teaching yourself.

These are the first dedicated fluency-building books in the world. And these were the first books in the world that were based on a great truth: If you’re a person who writes reasonable English or good English, but cannot speak it quite fluently, conventional English-teaching methods cannot make you speak it truly fluently — but self-study can. While more and more conventional teacher-directed learning would only make you go on being an unsure and hesitant speaker, self-directed self-study is capable of transforming you into a supremely fluent speaker.

Now, those who can write reasonable English or good English can be divided into two groups: First, those whose learning of English and fluency development happened side by side from the very first day they started learning English. (This is how true learning of a language has to happen. This is how native speakers of all languages learn their language). Second, those whose learning of English happened first, and fluency-development efforts happened separately, much later. (This is how non-native speakers of English learn their language through conventional methods).As far as the first group of people are concerned, most of them must be reasonably fluent now, and many of them, remarkably fluent. Prof. Nair’s self-study books can help them improve their fluency-level — especially, those who are only reasonably fluent. As far as the second group of people are concerned, Prof. Nair’s self-study books can help them to begin being truly fluent and to go on to become supremely fluent.

Fluency Development Course: A self-directed self-study course
You can use Prof. Nair’s self-study books as a course of self-study in fluency building and teach yourself the strategies of achieving a high degree of fluency in English. Yes, a self-study course — a course in which you study at home, and not in class, and in which you study by yourself, without depending on a teacher. These books have been specially written for home study. Their contents are self-explanatory — clear and easy to understand, without needing any extra instruction or explanation.

You know, the fluency skill is a unique skill. The only one of its kind. You can’t learn it in the same way as you learn computer skills or mathematics or swimming. No, you can’t. The fluency skill needs a different approach. It can only be mastered directly. Yes. Through self-effort. Without a teacher coming between you and the learning process. Only then will the fluency skill become your skill.This is exactly what happens when you use Prof. Nair’s fluency-building books as a course of self-study. In all senses. When you’re doing that, nobody else comes between you and the learning process as a teacher. Nobody else provides you any coaching or training. You do all that yourself. It’s this self-learning effort that is going to transform you.

A wholly unique self-training system
The self-study that Prof. Nair’s fluency-building books want you to do is the real-time self-study. Total self-study. (And not the kind of partial self-study done as an alternative to classroom study.) And this unique form of self-study happens at two levels: The outer and the inner.

The outer learning

First, there’s the self-directed learning of the fluency techniques from Prof. Nair’s self-study books. Then, there’s the application of these techniques to real-life speech situations. Mind you, not to fictitious situations created in classrooms or by cassettes/CDs. But to real-life situations that are part of your own social & career life. Fluency-demanding real-life communicative situations: In your job. Profession. Business. Daily life.

The inner learning

This is the level at which the deeper stage of self-learning happens. The deeper stage. Here, you keep doing 3 things — with the help of the fluency techniques you’ve learnt from Prof. Nair’s books: (i) You keep doing a self-monitoring of how you process the language in your mind. At the same time as you’re engaged in the act of speaking. From moment to moment. (ii) And you keep spotting the processing difficulties. And the factors that hold you back from speaking with a ready flow. (iii) And you keep applying the flow-production and flow-maintenance strategies you learnt from Prof. Nair’s books — to remedy these situations. And to establish, re-establish and maintain a smooth flow of speech. In this way, you are not only able to speak fluently in every speech situation you face, but also to keep mastering the fluency techniques — directly. No teacher can be a substitute for you in this process.

Prof. Nair’s self-study books make all this quite easy to carry out. By telling you how to train yourself in this two-pronged strategy: Consciously coping with fluency-blocking factors — and consciously applying fluency-promoting factors. Each instance of success adds to your confidence and fluency. And you’re able to go ahead and enjoy being fluent — instead of being self-conscious, embarrassed and nervous, and feeling that people are looking at you and judging you.

A time-honoured system – and spectacularly successful
As THE HINDU has said, "He (Prof. Nair) had been researching since 1971, and the results of the study led him to new discoveries". And based on his discoveries, Prof. Nair designed this fluency-building system by 1974. From 1974 to 1982, The English Fluency Institute (our name till 1982) made use of this fluency-building system in seminars and workshops. Since 1982, we have been offering this fluency-building system to advanced and post-advanced learners throughout the world — through Prof. Nair’s Fluent-English self-study books. Since then, this fluency-building system has had steady acceptance among educated people throughout the world.

And since then, this has been the world’s most popular and most sought-after fluency-building tool. THE HINDU has described the universal acceptance of this unique system of fluency building as "Fluentzy’s phenomenal success".


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