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  Fluentenglish.com > English > Fluency-building techniques
"Nair has identified a fluency nucleus as the key to fluent English. And unless one has this nucleus in himself, he can never achieve true fluency." – THE HINDU.
  Fluency-building techniques

Prof. Kev Nair’s self-study books help you become fluent through a series of specialized fluency techniques. These are techniques that native speakers of English learn naturally and without conscious effort — as children, at their mother’s knee. But how about adult non-native speakers of English who are not truly fluent? As far as they’re concerned, they too can learn these techniques easily, but only through conscious effort — through deliberate, intentional study and practice.
Here are the chief fluency-building techniques:

(1) Idea unit techniques.
(2) Speech-generation Techniques.
(3) Habit-formation Techniques.
(4) Mouth Gymnastics.
(5) Speech-flow Techniques.
(6) Pattern Techniques.
(7) Word-fusing Techniques.
(8) Conversion Techniques.
(9) Functional/Notional/Situational Techniques.
(10) On-the-spot speech-composition Techniques.
(11) Information-packing Techniques.
(12) Discourse-building Techniques.
(13) Word-cluster mastery Techniques.
(14) Rhythm unit Techniques.

What method does this fluency-building system use?
We supply you with a set of self-study books authored by Prof. Kev Nair. They’re self-instructional books specially written for home study. They’re self-explanatory. And they help you to train in the fluency techniques — by yourself. In the privacy of your home. At your leisure.You see, there are a large number of isolated pieces of language fundamentals lying scattered here and there in your mind. The self-study books bring all these things together. And they organize them into a systematic body of knowledge within you. And they add a lot of other fluency-related aspects to that knowledge... and make that knowledge rock-solid. And they get you to master language manipulation skills and a large number of other things on which the fluency skill is based. In this way, the self-study books get your fluency skill to develop from a firm foundation, rather than in a disorganized or haphazard way.In short, the self-study books create conditions that are necessary for the growth of a fluency nucleus in you. And once you have this fluency nucleus in you, you’ve started achieving true fluency — you’re on your way to achieving higher and higher degrees of fluency. And from then on, even group speech practice and audio-video sessions can prove useful. But mind you, only from then on — and not till then.

Teach yourself
You see, you’re an advanced learner or a post-advanced learner. And you don’t have to do the learning in the presence of a trainer. This is because fluency techniques are things that are uniquely suited to self-study.

In fact, here’s the ultimate fluency-building truth you’ll have to understand and accept: You’ll never really come to master fluency techniques until you learn them by yourself – without anybody helping you. You’ll have to be the teacher as well as the taught. It’s only when you learn the fluency techniques inside out by yourself that they become part of your being. And only then will it become second nature for you to apply them and speak English really fluently... in real-life situations. And if you want to become really fluent in English, applying fluency techniques must come as second nature to you.


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