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  Rave Reviews

World’s 1st!
“World’s first dedicated course in English fluency building.”

Truly Unique
“No, this is not just another crash course...”

The Final Word
“If you tend to use English in your day-to-day life, and if you are looking for achieving excellence in it, here’s the final word on the line of authorities you need to follow: Quirk for grammar, Fowler for usage, and KevNair for fluency.”
– The New Indian Express

Celebrated Author
“Perhaps more innovative in method than Roget and more modern in approach than Fowler, Prof. Kev Nair is the celebrated author of the legendary fluent English self-study books in the ‘Fluentzy’ series and one of the foremost Indian scholars who wield great influence on the thinking of the English-educated people around the world.”
– General Knowledge Today

Roget & Nair
“Many people consider the course designed by Nair to be the greatest development in the history of the English language since 1852 when Peter Mark Roget published A Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases. Perhaps this course is also the finest contribution English language has ever received from outside an English-speaking country.”
– The New Indian Express

Doctor & Lawyer
“If the world’s first thesaurus was brought out by a doctor, the world’s first fluency lexicon was brought out by a lawyer, Prof. Kev Nair... Prof. Kev Nair is regarded the world over as the father of fluency lexicography.”
– Competition Success Review

Father of Fluency Development
“England may be the home of English, but India is the home of fluent English. India is where English fluency building was systematised for the first time in the world as a distinct teachable subject. An Indian loved the English language so much that he studied its fluency-secrets in great depth and designed the world's first dedicated course in English fluency building (as distinct from EFL/ESL courses and translation-dependent bilingual courses). And that was KevNair, better known as the father of fluency development.”
– The New Indian Express

Earliest Fluency Building Pioneer
“Nair was the first person in the world to give shape to the area of study now known as ‘English fluency development’ and to systematize it into a distinct teachable subject... Nair started researching into this area of study... in 1971. He isolated the factors that block fluency as well as those that promote fluency. He worked out a series of techniques, and organized them into a dedicated course in fluency development for the first time in the world. So he is better known as the father of fluency development.”
– General Knowledge Today

“Renowned scholar.”
– The New Indian Express

The Last Word!
“A no-nonsense course... A down-to-earth approach... Highly effective... Unique... Considered everywhere as the world’s fluency standard.”
– Competition Success Review

One of a kind
“...take ‘Fluentzy’... a dedicated course... one of its kind in the world.”

World’s fluency standard
“This course... has become the international standard against which advanced courses in English speech production are compared everywhere.”
– General Knowledge Today

No teacher! No classroom!
“The course contents are specially designed, so that the learner can achieve maximum fluency without any teacher’s mediation”
Hindustan Times

Research based
“Mr. Nair has prepared the Lessons & Supplements... through intensive research studies.”
– The Economic Times

Rich heritage
“He had been researching since 1971, and the results... led him to new discoveries...”

Time-honoured Method
“This course was originally designed by Sri. Kev Nair... in 1974. For eight years from 1974, the English Fluency Centre made use of this course in fluency seminars and workshops. From 1982, the Adult Faculties Council has been offering this course through the self-study route.”
– Competition Success Review

World authority
“Prof. Nair started his fluency building research in 1971, and is known the world over as the Father of Fluency Development”

Global acceptance
“His students are spread across 35 countries; highly educated, well-placed professionals turn to him for help; students aspiring for superior jobs find his experience and guidance of great worth. Prof. Kev Nair... has every reason to be proud of his endeavour... Kev Nair has ... reached out to thousands Judicial Officers, professionals, top executives, scholars who need that comfort and ease in speech with his specialised fluency techniques.”
– The New Indian Express

Pioneer fluency lexicographer teaches you
“Fluency lexicography came into existence as a separate branch of dictionary writing with the publication of Prof. Nair’s Dictionary of Active Fluency Combinations in 1986.”
– Competition Success Review

The art of wielding English fluently...
“If you are serious about achieving true fluency, you have to face and deal with the problems of pre-delivery process yourself. And Nair’s course has been designed to teach you techniques that help you do this. The course puts the learners through a series of skill-building drills and exercises... aimed at getting them into a state of readiness to deal effectively with speech processing difficulties and speech production difficulties on their own while speaking spontaneously.”
– The New Indian Express

Fluency secrets
“Secrets to speaking fluent English”
– Hindustan Times

Freedom at last!
“Here is a sure way to avoid getting tongue-tied.”

This really works!
“It takes just 3 months for you to surprise your colleagues and friends with your conversation skills and fluency. All you need to do is register for this course and complete it by post.”
– The New Indian Express

Wide popularity
“Fluentzy's phenomenal success”

“Globally sought-after books...”
– The New indian Express

“Internationally popular...”

“...a popular English fluency building course...”

“... “Fluentzy”... is popular all over the country.”
– Frontline

The course aim
“Nair’s course aims to help you develop the skill of bringing out your thoughts directly as English speech without your mother-tongue holding you back, and without the translation instinct standing between your thought and speech as a block.”
The New Indian Express

“Quite impressive.”

“The legendary self-study course”
– Competition Success Review

Worldwide Reach
“A self-study course for learners worldwide”
– The New Indian Express

High Reputation
“Adult Faculties Council... an international centre for fluency studies.”
– The New Indian Express

The Ultimate Fluency Course
“Think English, Speak English — Fluentzy!”

Who is this course for?
“This course is meant for those who can write good English, but who have difficulty speaking it fluently.”
– HINDU Business Line

For advanced learners of English
“This course is for people who already know English reasonably well - but who can't speak it fluently. And for people who can speak English to some extent - but not as fluently as they'd like to. In particular, this course is for you if your mother-tongue is not English, and if you're someone who has to speak English every day.”

Best for those who are already good at written English
“Nair has designed this course for people who have already learnt English and are good at writing it. There are a large number of isolated pieces of language fundamentals lying scattered here and there in their minds. The lessons in this course bring all these things together. And the lessons organise these things into a systematic body of fluency skills within the minds of the learners.”
– The New Indian Express

Cyber piracy of "Fluentzy" unearthed!
“A Russian Internet Service Provider... has closed two websites that were engaged in selling pirated versions of the fluent English self-study books by a Kochi-based publisher... Adult Faculties Council... The illegal websites had been charging an exorbitant premium... for each of Prof. Nair’s books...”.

“This incident is considered significant against the backdrop of a growing feeling among developing countries that items of intellectual property having unique value are being systematically smuggled out of those countries into developed countries for mindless commercial exploitation”.

“This is learnt to be the first time that the works of an Indian author writing in English have been targeted by cyber pirates”.

Black market in "Fluentzy" books exposed!
“...These two copyright-infringing websites... had been built solely for carrying on commercial piracy in the globally sought-after books in the ‘Fluentzy’ series... The price quoted by the websites for each of Prof. Nair’s books included a high premium and was four times the published price”.
The New Indian Express


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