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"It’s a three-month course which promises to help you shed all inhibition and embarrassment and turn English-savvy"
  Self-study duration

If you know English very well, we expect you to be able to make good progress in your fluency level, using these books as a self-study course, in about 3 months.

But this doesn’t mean that everybody will take exactly 3 months to learn from the self-study books — or that nobody will take more than 3 months. That is, there’s nothing really rigid about the 3-month period. You see, the kind of study you’ll be doing with these self-study books is self-directed self-study, and so you’re free to learn from the self-study books at your own pace. Within a few days with the self-study books, most learners would be able to find their own speed and rhythm for the study. But the way some learners pace themselves would be different from the way other learners would. And so the exact period in which a learner is able to complete the self-directed teaching-cum-learning process would vary from learner to learner.

To a great extent, the duration of the self-study course you do on your own also depends on how well you know English at present. If your present knowledge of English is ‘very good’, you’re likely to make good progress in your fluency level even before the 3-month period is up. But if your present knowledge of English cannot be called ‘very good’, but is just ‘fairly good’ or ‘average’, you’re likely to take 3 months or perhaps longer to make good progress.

Much also depends on the amount of time you spend in learning from the self-study books. To get quick results, some learners need to spend about 3 hours a day (on an average) — in 2 or 3 sittings. But some learners would find that they need to spend only about an hour or two a day.

So you see, the 3-month period is the median period that most learners who know good English would find necessary.


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