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  Despatch of self-study books

We’ll start despatching the self-study books to you within 15 days after receiving both your payment and Order Form. (Here’s good news: Though we ask for 15 days, we normally despatch the self-study books within just 3 to 5 working days after receiving both the payment and Order Form).

We take great care to make sure that the self-study books reach you quickly and safely. So we normally do the despatching in the following ways:

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Book post. (Air mail)

Extra-fast delivery to addresses within India
If you want us to despatch the self-study books to an address within India by speed post, please add an extra payment of Rs.200.00 to the lump sum price — or Rs.150.00 each to each of the 3 instalments. But there are two important points you must note:

1). If you’re asking for special delivery by speed post, you must give your phone number and pin code in the Order Form. You must. This is very important. Otherwise, we may not be able to send the self-study books to you by speed post. If you have an e-mail ID, do give us that too.

2). Your address in the Order Form must be full and complete. Please give us as many details as possible about your address. And your address should be written or printed very clearly — in CAPITALS.

Speed Post despatch to addresses outside India
If you want us to despatch the self-study books to an address outside India by speed post (so that you get the self-study books very quickly), the total amount payable would then be INR 5560.00 + INR 2200.00 = Rs.7760.00 (= 142 US dollars approx.).


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